The Thieves In Uniform

Last night I went to see a movie with a friend (Star Trek Beyond if you’re curious). There was some weird mix up at IMAX and we ended up at a later showing than we had intended. When we left the theatre, it was around midnight. When I think of scary places at night, the […]

Book Review : Born On A Tuesday

“There is no moral. I just felt like telling you a story.” Before narratives became a Buzzfeed-era buzzword, they were made of music and prose and poetry: vehicles of information as old as humanity itself. The world as we know it has amply provided certain types of narrative that as consumers we then modify with […]

Of Schools and Students

This year has seen quite a number of fires in schools and it appears the students are the ones setting them. I’ve kept up with the questions asked and the solutions discussed but I don’t intend to throw my hat into that particular ring today. I will only say that, as many have already suggested, […]

The Decolonisation Project

Decolonisation! A term I got acquainted with when I first commenced my studies at the University of Cape Town. It’s rather a peculiar term that I had never heard before and I must say, I was confused at first about its meaning or significance. How do you undo something that has already manifested itself? My […]

A Time For Heroes

My dear friends, for the longest time, I have said that the age of heroes is long past. Alas, the 21st century is no place for vigilant groups of the righteous. King Arthur and his knights of the round table are no longer with us. Jesus and the 12 disciples are more than 2000 years […]

Representation Matters – Part 2 : Whitewashing & Racebending

Racebending is a term used to describe a process where a character’s perceived race or ethnicity is changed in a narrative by an adapter as it is created in a new media form. Racebending also takes the name of Whitewashing when  white actors and actresses are chosen to play characters of  people of color, sometimes […]

Representation Matters – Part I: Stereotypes

French actor Omar Sy and his cesar The way that  people of colour are represented by white people has always come with a lot of negative stereotypes, even before the creation of visual communication media. You just need to open a history book to notice it. Old advertisement for a French Brand of chocolate powder. The brand […]

Silence, A Book & A Vote

We’ve been silent for a long time. Again. And (again) it’s been a busy silence. Last year, around this time period, we dropped our first anthology. I’m still proud of it and I’m still surprised by the response it received. I met a lot of new people because they recognized my name from it and […]

On Mourning: Repetition and Re-memories

The word “again” is a signifier of time and memory. “Again” recalls a time a thing that is happening now happened before. I imagine—which makes it true, if not factual—that every language has a word, or words, to signify the repetition of things. Once upon a time, certainly, there must have been no use for it, but […]